Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

For over thirty years, Fred Rogers, an unassuming minister, puppeteer, writer and producer was beamed daily into homes across America. In his beloved television program, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Fred and his cast of puppets and friends spoke directly to young children about some of life’s weightiest issues, in a simple, direct fashion. There hadn’t been anything like Mr. Rogers on television before and there hasn’t been since.

Though he may be best known today as a soft-spoken, cardigan-wearing children’s television host, in reality, Fred Rogers’ career represents a sustained attempt to present a coherent, beneficent view about how we should best speak to children about important matters and how television could be used as a positive force in our society.

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CALGARY – Showing starting 06.22.2018
EDMONTON – Showing starting 06.22.2018

British Columbia
COQUITLAM – Showing starting 06.29.2018
KELOWNA – Showing starting 06.29.2018
NANAIMO – Showing starting 06.29.2018
VANCOUVER – Showing starting 06.15.2018
VICTORIA – Showing starting 06.22.2018

WINNIPEG – Showing starting 06.22.2018

Nova Scotia

HALIFAX – Showing starting 06.22.2018

GLOUCESTER – Showing starting 06.22.2018
HAMILTON – Showing starting 06.29.2018
LONDON – Showing starting 06.29.2018
NIAGARA FALLS – Showing starting 06.29.2018
RICHMOND HILL – Showing starting 06.29.2018
SUDBURY – Showing starting 06.29.2018
TORONTO – Showing starting 06.08.2018
WATERLOO – Showing starting 06.22.2018
WINDSOR – Showing starting 06.29.2018

COTE SAINT-LUC – Showing starting 06.29.2018
MONTREAL – Showing starting 06.15.2018

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