The Case for Easter: Believe + Receive=Become

It’s Easter week. From Jesus’ celebratory entrance into Jerusalem to His sham trial, the crucifixion, and then the resurrection, this is a week where most everyone you know—believers, the curious, and skeptics—are open to topics of faith.
What better time than right now to invite a friend or family member to see The Case For Christ this Easter weekend with you? Make it a matinee or a prime evening showing. Go today or over Easter weekend (when there will be hundreds of more theaters added). Just be sure to experience the film that received an extremely rare A+ from CinemaScore and has people everywhere raving.

Watch This Powerful Scene

Christ’s resurrection is at the center of Lee Strobel’s investigation into Christianity in The Case For Christ. As you will see in this clip from the movie, Lee (played by Mike Vogel) doesn’t believe it could have happened. Listen to what Dr. Gary Habermas (Kevin Sizemore) has to say

The Case for Christ This Easter Weekend


A Word From The Real Lee Strobel

“I can’t thank everyone enough for all the great feedback on the film! The film is clearly touching lives! We believe this film is an ideal connection to Easter services and will impact everyone you invite to see it with you. I’ll be looking for you at The Case For Christ this Easter weekend!”

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